Healthy eating while away from home


Can you eat healthy while you are away from home? Yes, you certainly can, all you need to do is prepare. I went away for Canada Day weekend with my girlfriend and we had some of the best and healthiest meals I have ever had. Not only did they look scrumptious, they were healthy and delicious too! Look at this delicious breakfast we had.

I cooked peameal bacon and eggs on a skillet outside. My girlfriend brought some fresh herbs from her garden, and we created a lovely breakfast. Once the bacon and eggs were ready, we cut up an avocado and spread it on 1/2 a whole wheat bagel. Next we added fresh basil and a little kale from the garden. We then added the bacon and egg, and topped it off with fresh chives. Fantastic!

Along with this my girlfriend brought her brand new milk frother that was given to her for her birthday. She hadn’t used it yet, so we tried it out on the weekend, and it worked great. We made coffee (decaf for myself), and frothed the milk in seconds. We topped our coffee off with the perfect topping for a nice latte. This is how we camp!


The weekend sure was hot, so we decided to go for a drive, do some shopping, and then returned back to the trailer for a swim in the salt water pool to cool down. After a couple of games of crib, we decided to make dinner. It hadn’t really cooled down too much, but  it was a little easier to handle the heat around 7:30 pm.

We started up the barbecue, and cut up fresh red pepper, mushrooms, broccoli and asparagus. We put the mushrooms and broccoli together in a pie plate, and cooked the asparagus separately in another pie plate, each with a little butter.  The red pepper we laid on a barbecue mat which gave it some nice grill marks. The asparagus and mushrooms took about 15 minutes to cook, and the red pepper probably about 7-8 mins. At the same time we put the red pepper on the grill we put the fish on as well. The fish was cooked in foil, topped with some lemon, fresh chives and basil.


The whole meal only took about 30 minutes to make start to finish. This is the meal we made to celebrate my girlfriends birthday.


Then to top off the weekend we came home and went to a concert in Toronto at Budweiser stage, my gift to Lisa for her birthday. What a great weekend we had!


How did you spend your Canada Day weekend? What meals did you cook? I would love to hear your stories!



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  1. Those are the fanciest meals I have seen for a weekend away! Nicely done ladies 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the concert!

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  2. Ellie Voutsinas says:

    About to go on vacation soon! looking forward to trying some of these tips!


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